National Soy Factory

Piñakamasarap Corporation began humbly in the late 1940’s in the Philippines. It started with less than 10 people in a backyard factory, which was then known as National Soy Factory. The fast and sudden increase in demand for Marca Piña Soy Sauce was not due to advertising or promotion but rather by word of mouth from very satisfied customers. Parents recommended it to their children, brothers to their sisters, and friends to friends. Not only were people happy with our taste but were also delighted with the rich color, texture and the aroma of our unique and one of a kind soy sauce. In the early 1970s, the Philippine government ruled that the word "national" must be removed from all company titles. Thus, in 1973 we became known as Balanced Food Corporation.




Balanced Food Corporation

Production could not keep up with the increasing demand.  Even with the change of name, Balanced Food Corporation continued to grow. With our success, many others have tried to imitate the quality of our soy sauce but never once have they been able to duplicate it.  People continued to patronize only Marca Piña. In fact, people were not referring to it as "Marca Piña" but instead, they called it "Piñakamasarap". To show our appreciation, the name Balanced Food Corporation  was officially changed to Piñakamasarap Corporation in 1978.


Piñakamasarap Corporation

From its humble beginning to the present, Marca Piña’s commitment to quality has yielded generations of Marca Piña devotees all throughout the different countries of the world. We know however that customers are not loyal  to the brand but rather to quality, so we keep that in our heart - commitment to quality.  Today, Marca Piña Soy Sauce, Marca Piña Vinegar and Marca Piña Patis are sold in over 20 countries including the United States, Japan, Germany, Australia and England.

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